beaTunes v5.1.10 x86/x64 Win/Mac 注册版附注册码-音乐管理工具

BeaTunes 是一款具有自动地分析你的音乐收藏以帮助你创建更好的播放列表功能的iTunes 应用组件。该软件可以分析 BPM(每分钟的节拍),歌曲开头和结尾静音以及彩色(根据音频光谱)显示给出的歌曲。一些数据通过 iTunes 存储,而一些通过 beaTunes 自身存储。此外,beaTunes 可以建议可以补充你的音乐收藏的专辑,显示音乐图表以及帮助你纠正印刷错误,错误流派等等。该软件还允许你博客有关选择的歌曲或者播放列表。

beaTunes v5.1.10 x86/x64 Win/Mac 注册版附注册码-音乐管理工具


Doesn’t just play music, also listens

beaTunes employs sophisticated algorithms to analyze your music for metadata like tempo (BPM), key, color, segments, similarities, loudness, and acoustical fingerprints. It lets you know, what’s in all those files!

Analysis is a stable foundation for great sounding playlists as well as tag lookup and acoustical duplicate detection.

Let science do some work for you!

Clean up this mess!

You accumulated tons of music over the years. From stores, from CDs, from friends.

And it’s a gigantic mess.

Such a big mess indeed, that you’d go insane, if you tried to clean it up manually. This is where beaTunes can help. It’s like a spellchecker specialized on audio tags. It finds inconsistencies in your own data and suggests solutions.

beaTunes v5.1.10 x86/x64 Win/Mac 注册版附注册码-音乐管理工具

Don’t just play music, access it!

Like any other player beaTunes’ lets you listen to songs from beginning to end. Based on automatic segmentation for pop music (requires analysis), it also lets you skip a section or go straight to a similar sounding part. We call this semantic navigation.

Finding the chorus or skipping that boring intro becomes a breeze.

Creating playlists is an art

beaTunes helps you find the right songs for whatever playlist project you are working on. Starting with one song, it can suggest matching songs following your own rules—or even build a whole playlist.

It keeps the fun in creating something new: To set the mood for an evening, the pace for a run, or the beat for a night. beaTunes can help you get it right.

Re-organized index structure for better performance.
Improved opening time for Get Info dialog.
Improved view caching for large collections.
Improved docs for estimate mood task.
Improved efficiency when removing tracks from playlist.
Improved notification behavior.
Improved table rendering performance.
Added smooth table/tree scrolling (Mac only).
Adjusted Home/End key behavior in playlists.
Fixed issue with disabled context menu actions.
Fixed hang at initial song selection in very large playlist.
Fixed delay when switching to very large playlist.
Fixed potential NPE during synchronization of mp3s.
Fixed drag-import of folders.
Fixed potential NPE in synched key/tempo matching.
Fixed move to trash on Windows.
Fixed chart cover images aliasing.
Fixed Beatport previews (403 error).
Updated built-in Discogs database.
Updated Wikidata-based genre ontology.
Updated DBpedia-based genre ontology.
Updated to JRuby
Updated to Groovy 2.4.13-indy.

– Fixed ignore Amazon album version solution.
– Fixed “Play in [preferred player]” not showing up in context menu.
– Fixed database update for very large BPM values.
– Fixed inline BPM editor for tempi without relative salience.
– Fixed potential NPE in artwork inspector solution.
– Fixed potential infinite loop in BPM detection for very short files.
– Added field description.
– Added field for last analysis date.
– Increased size of speaker icon for currently playing song.
– Decreased time to analysis start (sending data to server).
– Improved error reporting for elevation errors on Windows.
– Improved performance.
– Updated built-in Discogs database.
– Updated to JRuby
– Updated to Groovy 2.4.12-indy.
– Updated to Hibernate 5.1.9.

– Fixed main window close behavior on macOS.
– Fixed infinite analysis loop after filename change.
– Changed genre rule so that identical spellings always hit top score.
– Improved duplicates inspection to not show solutions that don’t apply.
– Improved handling of synchronization errors.
– Added simple remote control mechanism.
– Added ability to restore similar songs playlist after restart.

– Added speaker icon for song played via play similar
– Added menu items/keyboard shortcuts for loved (macOS/folder-based-only)
– Added menu items/keyboard shortcuts for song rating
– Enabled volume control while no song is loaded
– Enabled goto current song for play similar song mode

– Fixed NPE in master panel state restoration
– Fixed possible NPE during inline rating/loved edits
– Fixed inline editability of loved/mediakind for folder-based libraries
– Fixed ExceptionInInitializerError on very HiDPI screens
– Fixed NPE in inspection
– Fixed duplication issue when re-ordering playlists on Windows

4.6.12 更新记录:
Moved to Java 1.8.0_121
Updated built-in Discogs database

Added support for MIK-style key tags for OGG and FLAC.
Fixed loss of sort order after folder-based library sync.
Fixed manually entered ratings shown as computed until sync.
Fixed possible disappearing resize cursor for table headers.
Fixed display refresh problem when editing inline while a filter is set.
Removed some tagging support for stems, due to file corruption issues.
Improved automatic iTunes library detection (non-ASCII paths).
Improved resilience against Windows COM errors.
Moved to MFSampledSP 0.9.7.
Moved to FFSampledSP 0.9.15.

beaTunes 4.6.7更新记录:

Fixed LastFM authorization problem (scrobbling).
Fixed replace-existing-value logic in some analysis tasks.

beaTunes 4.6.6更新记录:

Fixed compilation-related issue with same album different year inspector.
Fixed failure to select directory under Windows HiDPI.


for macOS: http://coxy.beatunes.com/download/beaTunes-5-1-10.dmg

for 32-Bit Windows: http://coxy.beatunes.com/download/beaTunes-5-1-10-i586.exe

for 64-Bit Windows: http://coxy.beatunes.com/download/beaTunes-5-1-10-x64.exe

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