Folder Lock v7.6.5 注册版附注册码-私密文件和设备加密

Folder Lock 是一个对所有数据的安全性需求的全套解决方案。可以帮助你将重要的文件,文件夹,图片,文档,多媒体文件或者任意类型的文件进行加密隐藏处理或者加上访问控制密码,加密速度飞快,对1GB的数据进行处理也只需要很短的几秒钟的时间!但只能将你的保密资料放在一个目录里加密,不能对这个目录之外的资料进行加密!

Folder Lock v7.6.5 注册版附注册码-私密文件和设备加密

Folder Lock可以让你有多种方式保护您的个人文件,硬盘和移动硬盘以及U盘,并提供可选的备份在线存储受保护的文件 。Folder Lock 7安全工具的完美结合,让您加密备份您的重要文件上使用即时加密的256位;实时在线存储,并将其储存到任何便携式设备 。该方案还可以让您锁定文件,文件夹和驱动器;保存您的个人信息;清洁您的Windows的 历史。

Folder Lock 配备了额外的安全设置,包括应用程序级别的密码安全,隐身模式,破解安全和自动保护文件夹锁。Folder Lock 运行在32位和64位版本的Win10/Win7/Vista/XP和更高版本。


文件夹锁现在您可以比以往任何时候都更快地加密您的文件 。该程序创建的保险箱,不占用多少空间。保险箱加密,可调整大小,便于携带和备份准备。

Folder Lock 7允许您可以选择保持您的加密保险箱,而你继续修改或访问您的加密文件,自动备份所有文件和文 件夹。


Folder Lock 7利用NewSoftware备受推崇的图形用户界面。新用户会发现Folder Lock 7非常容易配置和使用 。即使是相对新手,也可以使用该产品的所有功能。

Folder Lock v7.6.5 注册版附注册码-私密文件和设备加密

Folder Lock is a revolutionary concept in data security that allows you to not only lock and/or encrypt your files and folders but also optionally backup your encrypted data to an online account, keeping your data synced at all times so that you won’t have to worry about the confidentiality of your data as well as data loss. Besides encryption and secure backup of your files, Folder Lock provides additional award-winning data protection features like Lock Files, Protect USB / CD, Make Wallets, Shred Files, and Clean History.

Folder Lock is the ONLY data protection with an online backup solution providing true end-to-end encryption and password protection of all your personal and confidential files at all times. With advanced government-level 256-bit AES encryption on your desktop and 128-bit encryption for all online communications, Folder Lock gives you End-to-End data security to protect all your data, thus, maintaining data confidentiality and integrity at all times.

Folder Lock v7.6.5 注册版附注册码-私密文件和设备加密

Lock Files!

  • Protect your data from unwanted access and visibility by blocking access to the files, folders, drives, and programs.
  • Windows kernel level locking and filter driver makes it possible to lock files and folders in Windows Safe Mode.
  • Folder Lock’s easy to use and understand user-interface allows single click data protection straight from the Context Menu.

Encrypt Files!

  • With Folder lock you can encrypt your personal files using 256-bit on-the fly military grade encryption technology.
  • Create storage lockers which keep your important files encrypted, ensuring the integrity of your data’s security.
  • Encrypted lockers are dynamic, smaller in size when created and grow as your data storage need increases.

Secure Backup!

  • Upload all your private data you keep in your Lockers onto a cloud server without manually managing your backups.
  • Secure backup process is automatic and real-time, all changes or modification to your files in your ‘Lockers’ are synched.
  • Folder Lock is the only solution that offers this patent pending technology providing end-to-end data encryption and backup simultaneously.

Protect USB/CD!

  • You can copy encrypted lockers to a USB & other external data storage devices using the Protect USB Drive feature.
  • With protect CD/DVD option; you can convert existing lockers to become portable and executable, enabling you to burn lockers onto a CD/DVD.
  • Send private and confidential email securely with encrypt email attachment feature, it allows users to send sensitive data over the internet securely.

Make Wallets!

  • Save your credit card and debit card related information utilizing 256-bit AES encryption with make Wallets feature.
  • Personalize your digital Wallets with custom icons, card backgrounds, and card templates which enable you to organize your banking information.
  • Keeps your identity safe from identity thieves and e-criminals by securely saving your credit card and banking credentials.

Clean History!

  • Clean History feature on Folder Lock enables you to delete your online digital footprint, removing all traces of online browsing activities.
  • You have the option to clean windows temp files, open/save directory and clipboard data from any windows computer.
  • Clean Media Player history, MS paint history and word pad history with the option of windows program history cleaning.

Shred Files!

  • Folder Lock’s shred file feature enables you to securely delete personal data, removing all traces leading to your personal identity.
  • You can shred entire hard-drives to ensure that all data contained within that drive is securely deleted and cannot be recovered.
  • With Folder Lock’s shred file feature, there’s no limit to how many or what type of files you can delete.


Optimized and strengthened security algorithms for faster encryption and ease of use.

German, Italian & French Language support in Folder Lock – More optimization with Windows 10 and a few tweaks to make encryption faster.

German, Italian & French Language support in Folder Lock – More optimization with Windows 10 and a few tweaks to make encryption faster.

In this version update for Folder Lock 7.6.1, cloud backup has been enhanced and minor windows 7 bugs have been resolved. In addition, the user-interface has been simplified, making Folder Lock more aesthetically pleasing and easier to use.

New UI. Trial period expanded from 15 to 25 number of maximum uses. Bug fixes. Performance improvements. Completely compatible with Windows 10.

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